Google + Rant

Published January 18, 2014 by lonerchicklexie

I will start of saying I am not a very computer savvy person. I can get by without looking like a total idiot but you won’t see me doing anything complex with technology. That being said, maybe it is the reason I am starting to hate Google. Facebook gets a bad rep for putting your business out there, but usually it’s the people who put their business out for the world to see.

Why is it that if I want to use be able to use Youtube I need to link it with a Google account?  There are somethings I like to do online with a bit more anonymity than usual. I know if anyone tried hard enough they could figure out who I am. But I want them to work for it. Not get my full name from my freaking email address and a Google + page I did not realize I created. I could create a separate Gmail account for this, but that seems like so much work.

I wish Google would as least let me pretend I can be anonymous on the internet. I think the only reason more people are not upset at Google is because no one really uses their products, outside of searching and emailing. I like their search engine and their email gets the job done. I just don’t like being forced into Google+ just because no one wants to use their products.


There I said it !


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