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Julep Maven February 2014 Review

Published February 4, 2014 by lonerchicklexie

Julep Feb 14

This month I loved all the colors that Julep was offering and I could not pick a single color of their new eye sheens. So I got the Dramatic Ultimate Upgrade, which was an additional $55. However, it was so worth it. It came with 9 nail polishes plus 1 additional that was a gift to every maven this month, all four new eye sheens, eye liner, eye liner brush, and a shader brush.

I really like these new eye sheens. When I opened the packaging, I was surprised at how small they were. But I compared it to my Maybelline Color Tattoos, and the Julep eye shadow has a bit more product but in a smaller package. You only need a small amount for each eye and it spreads on the eye very easily. My Maybelline product does not spread on the eye as well as the Julep shadow. These shadows last all day without a primer. Last night I went to bed without washing my face and I still had some shadow on my eyes.

Warm Fig Shimmer & Deep Bronze Shimmer

Warm Fig Shimmer & Deep Bronze Shimmer


Dusty Taupe Shimmer & Pale Nude Shimmer

The only problem this month is that I did not get the eyeliner. When I told them about the missing item, they wanted a picture of the box and items I received. This seemed odd but I did it. They are sold out and will send one once they have more.

Overall this has been my favorite box.


A subscription to Julep is $19.99 a month. Your first box is free with the code FREEBOX . New subscribers can earn a skip every 6 months.





Nailette February 2014

Published February 2, 2014 by lonerchicklexie

Nailette Packaging

Nailette is a new nail polish subscription service. I think the February box was their fourth. I love this subscription service. What sets them apart is that they send mini bottles on nail polish. They also put a lot of care and thought in their packaging.

This month I received:

Two coors

OPI Make Him Mine and OPI Muir Muir On The Wall

OPI Make Him Mine- This is a pink color with gold sparkles in it. It is also the liquid sand formula. This is a contender for Valentine’s Day week nails.

OPI Muir Muir On The Wall- This is dark plum color. I can’t have too many purple or other dark colors. This is in the Gel Color line.

I love the colors that I received this month.

Website: Nailette  Facebook Page

January Spicy Box

Published February 2, 2014 by lonerchicklexie

Spicy Box is an adult subscription service. If you have a problem with items that are marketed towards adults then this review is not for you. I will also not sugarcoat what these items are for or what they do.

I signed up for the Spicy box after watching Lizzy from whatwouldlizzydo do a review on the box. I had heard of this box before but wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it. After Lizzy’s review and looking for other reviews on youtube I decided to try it out.

I purchased my box December 24th and was told I would receive my boxes within the first 10 days of the month. That did not happen, not even close. I received an email for shipping on January 18th. And the box got to me around the 22nd.

Before dealing the late box, I decided I did not want to get an ongoing subscription and decided to cancel. I sent an email December 30th and received a response on the 3rd. They told me my last box would be in February. What?! Why do I have to pay for the February box? I canceled way before my billing date but they still want me to buy another box. That’s ridiculous and bad customer service. I was just like whatever. But then my box took forever to get here and I was getting upset and felt screwed.

But anyway this is what I got:Spicy Box 1.14

Neon Luv Touch 5-Function Bullet (Go from a flutter to a throb with the push of a button with 5 speeds!)

Glow in The Dark Vibrating Crotchless Panty & Pasties Set (Even if I was going to wear these I can’t imagine they will fit me well. I’m on the curvy side.)

Mini Flavored Moist Lubricant in Passion Fruit. (This a cute lube that comes with a pump)

Refresh Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner (I’ve never owned this before. Soap and water usually works)

The items above all seem to be from the company Pipedream. They are all full sized.

The following  items are sample sized.

Hot Pink Warming Lubricant for Woman

Gun Oil- A Hybrid silicone lubricant. (My boyfriend this the name is great)

This was the Spice Box Deluxe and I paid $21.96 plus a fee from my bank for a foreign transaction (it was less than a dollar). According to the card that came in my box it has a value of $62.99.

I almost forgot. It also comes with a card with the position of the month. I think that is cute, especially for couples that might want to change things up.

I was disappointed with this box. I was mostly looking for items that are good for couples. I just feel like this was a better box for someone who is single. My boyfriend and I could make use of these and might ;). However, I do not feel like I discovered anything new that I would want to purchase. That’s why I love subscription boxes, they are a great way to discover new products. They are promising something good for their February box. Hopefully it will get here by Valentine’s day.

If you are interested in Spicy box, make sure you should around for a discount code. They give their subscribers codes to hand out.