Julep Maven February 2014 Review

Published February 4, 2014 by lonerchicklexie

Julep Feb 14

This month I loved all the colors that Julep was offering and I could not pick a single color of their new eye sheens. So I got the Dramatic Ultimate Upgrade, which was an additional $55. However, it was so worth it. It came with 9 nail polishes plus 1 additional that was a gift to every maven this month, all four new eye sheens, eye liner, eye liner brush, and a shader brush.

I really like these new eye sheens. When I opened the packaging, I was surprised at how small they were. But I compared it to my Maybelline Color Tattoos, and the Julep eye shadow has a bit more product but in a smaller package. You only need a small amount for each eye and it spreads on the eye very easily. My Maybelline product does not spread on the eye as well as the Julep shadow. These shadows last all day without a primer. Last night I went to bed without washing my face and I still had some shadow on my eyes.

Warm Fig Shimmer & Deep Bronze Shimmer

Warm Fig Shimmer & Deep Bronze Shimmer


Dusty Taupe Shimmer & Pale Nude Shimmer

The only problem this month is that I did not get the eyeliner. When I told them about the missing item, they wanted a picture of the box and items I received. This seemed odd but I did it. They are sold out and will send one once they have more.

Overall this has been my favorite box.


A subscription to Julep is $19.99 a month. Your first box is free with the code FREEBOX . New subscribers can earn a skip every 6 months.





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